Using the garden as metaphor, my work focuses on the transitional and transformative phases that I refer to as, “the in-between seasons” - the period when a garden or landscape is largely in flux. Exploring the issues of chaos vs. order and creation vs. destruction or the cyclical aspects of nature is what intrigues me. I find a great deal of inspiration during the changing of seasons, when the landscape influences and informs my paintings through gentle color and compositional shifts. Utilizing both representational and abstractive techniques my goal is to portray the importance of the garden as a fundamental pivot where nature and culture convene and transform one another.

Organic elements and references to botanical forms run through my work in both the traditional and abstracted manner. Similarly, strong graphical references also play a crucial role and ground the compositions in a way that adds order to the random elements to reflect nature’s inherent geometry. For me, it’s a matter of pinning down these elusive shapes, forms and symbols to a basic structure, utilizing the grid as a framework where I can organize the elements of a painting.

Just as an airplane passenger can look down at the earth and see how an organic landscape is broken into geometric shapes,I seek a way to give my ideas a format and my symbols a place. It is this desire to reconcile the structured and the random - order and disorder - that results in compositions where the individual parts coalesce into a harmonious whole.